Monday, April 12, 2010

lovely day for love

just got back from a meeting with paige to check out a potential spot for a wedding.. the couple getting married had such a lovely dynamic and were both super sweet.. we went to see the marrakesh house which was so beautiful and inspiring.. i am so excited to start putting together an inspiration board for them.. the house has a cool moroccan vibe with bright hand painted panels and a ton of natural light.. the lemon tree tea house had a bunch of recycled wind chimes made from old coffee tins, soda tabs, and what looked like old chair legs.. they were ridiculously cool.. it's nice and windy today so they were chiming high..
today feels like magic.. going to see a concert tonight with max.. in love with love..

music: white winter hymnal: fleet foxes: fleet foxes 
(its perfect for today.. it makes me want to jump and spin and dance.. can't keep the smile off..)

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